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Is Hubspot Worth It?

Written by Chris Elliot

Hubspot is an all inclusive software tool for inbound marketing. The software allows users direct management for marketing campaigns and multi-platorm service integration. Hubspot has numerous easy to use features, analytic reports, web editors, and landing page builders, but also very high fees.
This is how Hubspot works.

Online businesses or individual users can register for the Concentric inbound marketing software tool. The user must download all necessary components and sign up for their choice of service packages. The 3 structured monthly fees packages are basic, professional, or enterprise. Each package has greater levels of access and functionality, plus the ability to handle more information volume.

Hubspot makes the processing and management of information seamless. The tools and analytics are designed to enhance business performance for inbound marketing, the results should be apparent almost immediately. Hubspot will be especially helpful to businesses that haven’t fully integrated themselves online.

Once the sign up process is complete, user can begin the input of company data, profiles, websites, social media, email, and all information relative to their online marketing campaigns. As the many streams and linked networks of information become fully integrated, the Hubspot dashboard makes management of marketing campaigns simpler. This same level integration would require multiple software services and platforms normally, but Hubspot allocates everything in one place.

For companies that can afford it, Hubspot has everything necessary for successful online marketing.

So, is Hubspot worth the money?

As a business, you need to ask yourself these questions..
Do you have a large marketing budget? The Hubspot monthly fee structure and packages are based on a set level of functionality. As your contact lists, lead generation, integrated website structure and social media presence increases, so will your actual costs. Hubspot fees will increase, based on the actual growth and increased volume of business data.

Do you already use an integrated management software? If your business already uses some form of website management for social media profiles, email marketing, and webpage updating, it may not be helpful to add Hubspot to the mix. Hubspot has dynamic features, but similar tools are available or already exist elsewhere and the majority of the alternatives are free.

Do you use lots of options, features and tools to run your business? Hubspot has so many software tools, that some users may never use most of them. If your business runs fine without bells and whistles, then paying for more optional features might be a waste of money.

Hubspot is worth the money, only if your business can afford to eat the costs. For companies with unlimited marketing budgets, Hubspot is a fantastic software suite, but so expensive that it isn’t worth the money for most online businesses today.

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