E-Cigars – The Best Electronic Cigars Reviewed

Written by Chris Elliot

In terms of operation, e cigars are not very different to e-cigarettes. they both utilise an atomiser to heat up and convert e-liquid into vapour you can enjoy. Where they differ is in the design and presentation of the devices. Where e-cigars stand apart as a unique product offering is that they’re specifically aimed at people who want to enjoy the taste and experience of a traditional cigar.

The larger physical shape of e cigars also allow them to accommodate much bigger batteries than disposable electronic cigarettes. This also means that e cigars can run a much longer period of time, so that even disposable e cigars are a better practical alternative to throw away e-cigs. More powerful batteries also give e cigars the edge by enabling better vapour production.

The main appeal of an e cigar however, is that it fills a special gap in the vaping market for people who have either enjoyed real cigars in the past, or vapers who crave a more traditional tobacco taste and flavour. The following e cigars represent the best disposable as well as rechargeable e cigars you can buy currently. Manufacturers of these e cigars have spared no effort in giving consumers a real world experience of cigar smoking, without of course, the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

Cigavette Cuvana

At the time of writing, the Cigavette Cuvana is arguably the best disposable e cigar you can buy today. Among the disposables, no other e cigar comes close to it for duplicating the actual experience of smoking a real cigar. High attention to detail in the design will easily make folks think you have a genuine cigar in your hand. The tobacco leaf pattern looks very realistic and there’s also a black and gold trim to make it look like the real deal. The tip features an LED which fires when you puff to give the effect of a burning cigar. Part of the Cuvana’s popularity stems from the fact that many proud users find onlookers are totally convinced. It looks that authentic.

The Cuvana is available in three nicotine levels including a top of the range 18mg e cigar which boasts an incredibly close to the real thing taste. Many state that the Cuvana gets it spot on in terms of delivering a genuine Cuban cigar flavour. As a disposable e cigar it’s built to carry you for two years or 1800 puffs whichever comes first. From all the disposable e cigars it makes the most vapour, has the best premium cigar flavour for an electronic device.

E Puffer – The Churchill

E Puffer has received wide acclaim for The Churchill which is regarded as a premium quality disposable e cigar. It’s been affectionately modeled on the Romeo y Julieta that was made popular by Winston Churchill himself. A lot of effort has been put into The Churchill to make it look exactly like a real cigar. The end of this e cigar has been made to look like live ash and it lights up with a fairly accurate orange glow when you puff. The Churchill is available in 48, 46 and 32 ring sizes respectively.

The flavour of The Churchill is based on a blend of Cuban cigars and it does a good job of bringing you a classic taste. You can choose between three strengths of nicotine and they also have a high concentrated version for those who crave a stronger cigar experience. Out of the box The Churchill will provide you with about 1800 puffs which is roughly the same as 10 normal cigars.

Vapor4Lyfe King

While many e cigars try hard to match the looks of real cigars, Vapor4Lyfe has taken a daring alternative approach. The King e cigar comes with a neat black outer shell which gives it the unmistakable look of a professional piece of technology. It still resembles the familiar shape of a cigar. The King is a powerful rechargeable e cigar which boasts longer battery life than most e cigars on the market today. The bigger battery also performs brilliantly to create ample vapour and ensure a full bodied taste with every puff. Charging is easily taken care of with a USB adaptor and fully charged you’re good for up to 3000 puffs.

Where the King really starts to shine is the flavours of e-liquid it uses. There are three distinctive flavours to choose from, namely: Cubana, Maduro and Ligero. They are without doubt the closest to actual cigars in terms of taste and intensity. These flavours by Vapor4Lyfe may be too strong for some and they do in fact recommend not fully the inhaling the vapour.

The King is probably at the top of the pile of the best e cigars so expect to pay a fair amount to get started. However being a rechargeable makes it all the more appealing. It still works out cheaper than using disposable e cigars since the e-liquid refills for this one are very affordable. The better flavour you always get with the King make it a winner.

E Puffer E 900

E Puffer have released another e cigar, this time called the E900. Their previous iteration was the E600, one of the first rechargeable e cigars which proved very popular. The new E900 builds upon that success featuring a higher capacity battery and improved power delivery. The E900 mimics the appearance of a traditional cigar quite accurately, and the tobacco leaf texturing makes it look just like the real thing from a distance. However compared to the other cigar lookalike offerings here it may appear less convincing.

Flavour cartridges for the E900 last pretty long giving you a good few thousand puffs. A single cartridge is said to equal about 40 cigars. You get two batteries with the kit so that you always have one on standby when you swap out to charge. The flavours are strong and are based on authentic cigar blends which are popular worldwide. The E900 is cheaper than Vapor4Lyfe’s King but still makes for a solid investments if you’re looking a rechargeable e cigar that does the job.

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