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Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Written by Chris Elliot

Hundreds of schools across the nation hold fundraising events for different reasons. Most schools hold fundraisers to help the students involved succeed at success. Fundraising for schools can range from staff involving their children in selling items such as food and gifts, to holding certain other events such as sporting events. Sports are often the best way to attract many people for school fundraising events, with raffle tickets being sold for the events. Schools often hold huge garage sales for fundraising, where many students and staff donate unwanted items that brings satisfactory profit.

Schools often involve students in competition events such as recycling old items. Many times students are in competition to see who can raise the most money through collecting and cashing in on old recycling items. Some schools are known to hold community carnivals, where money can be raised for school projects and trips that students are involved in. Carnivals generate huge amounts of people, who are willing to join in on the fun. Many different events can be added to the carnival such as different games for kids, food, gift booths, and other things. There are hundreds of ideas for fundraising events for schools to choose from.

Some of the best fundraising ideas are the more innovative ones. After all, half the battle here is raising awareness of your event to get people in the door. This means that some of the best ideas are the more outlandish ones. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.


Psychologists say that the best way to motivate people to do something is through random reward. So basically, if the reward for an action is big enough, but it only happens at random, this is what motivates people to perform the behavior obsessively. This is why raffles are a great idea for getting funds for your project. People like to be able to dream about large prizes, and if you get a huge amount of people giving into the raffle, then you can afford some pretty big prizes and still come away with plenty of funds for your project. There may be specific rules for this though, depending on your special circumstance.


Bingo is a fun way to go through with a fundraiser as well. People get really excited about bingo because of the way it’s done, with all of the numbers being read out and trying to jump in first with a winning card. It’s a way to get in money that will generate good will.

Car Wash

Another classic way to generate money for a project is through a car wash. This has the advantage of being very visible since you can do it right on the side of the road so that cars driving by will be able to see you.

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