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Be Prepared!

Written by Chris Elliot

A few months ago, one lovely Autumn Sunday afternoon, my husband was away on a work trip so I took my two young children to meet up with some of my girlfriends for a relaxing lunch at a local child-friendly Hammersmith pub. It turned out that afternoon was one in which the pub put on special activities for the kids in an enclosed yard. They had a jumping castle, face painting and plenty of toys. As you can imagine, the little ones were thrilled and so were the adults to have some time to chat without having to constantly look out for the children.

At the end of a long but very enjoyable afternoon, we set off home – the kids were rather muddy and also covered in paint, not only on their faces, but also on their arms and bare legs. They certainly looked like they had had a lot of fun.

As we walked home with our friends, admittedly with a slight spring in our steps as we had enjoyed a few glasses of wine, the other mums and I chuckled about the dark color that the bath water was sure to be.

When I arrived home I stripped their clothing off and got slightly annoyed at my son who decided to wee all the way down his legs!  Anyway, it was nothing a warm bath could not fix. But it was not to be… Whilst our hot water system runs on gas and it needs the water to run for a few minutes to warm up, on this day it did not happen. After about five minutes of waiting with no change; yes, the water was still cold; and I had to accept that it simply was not working.

Looking in horror at my muddy paint covered children, who were now starting to get cold and crying, my only thought was we needed to get a plumber to the rescue and I needed to get one fast!

I must admit I am not the best organised person on the planet. I do my best but there are always things that slip my mind. However, thankfully my husband is a very methodical sort of guy, and I was able to quickly find the list of emergency numbers that he had made out a few months before and fixed on the kitchen cork board. Within 40 minutes a plumber from a firm near Hammersmith Palais arrived, and an hour later our boiler was fixed.

This little story just goes to show that plumbing emergencies can happen when you least expect them and at the most inappropriate times. Therefore it is always a good idea to be well prepared and have a number of a reputable plumber who offers a 24-hour service to hand. Once the crisis situation happens there is usually no time to weigh up the pros and cons of each plumber listed in the Yellow Pages or on a website, so do as my husband did and check out the best emergency plumbers in your local area before a catastrophe occurs.

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